Botswana Association of the blind and Partially Sighted (BABPS)

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BABPS stands for Botswana Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted.

BABPS accept all volunteers from all professional background who have a passion on issues relating to the blind to help push BABPS mission. You can contact our offices to register as a volunteer.

For any who is interested to donate to our organization, be it through funds, service or material support, you can get in touch with the coordinator at the numbers in our contact link

BABPS accepts membership from persons who are blind and visually impaired and are above the age of 16 years. All members have to fill up a registration form and pay a fee of 25 pula. For more info on the requirements of being BABPS member, visit the become a member link.

The coordinator

Botswana Association of The Blind and Partially Sighted

PO Box 602163


[+267] 3904945

Coordinators direct number: [+267] 3904936

BABPS is not an educational institution and therefore it does not offer any courses or training to anybody.

BABPS was officially registered by the register of societies as a not for profit organization [NGO] advocacy for persons with visual impairment on the 12 December 1999. 

Fully registered BABPS members are the ones who elect the sitting board at the annual general meeting AGM. They are also responsible for coming up with ideas for BABPS strategic plan and participate in the implementation of BABPS programs and projects.

BABPS offices are at extension 4, Malau street, plot 622 in Gaborone.

BABPS has a braille production unit and they do transcribe print documents to braille at a small fee. Please click on the braille service link at the main menu for more information.

The BABPS board members are 7 altogether. Their sitting time is 3 years and they are elected by the membership at the annual general meeting.

BABPS offers a white cane for free to citizens of Botswana who are blind and cane users. For more info on how to acquire a white cane please send us an e-mail at  or call our offices at +267 3904945.