Botswana Association of the blind and Partially Sighted (BABPS)

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Braille production

BABPS transcribes all documents from print to braille accurately, abiding by copyright act of Botswana, braille printing ethics and international braille standard notation.The production team uses modern embossors to produce quality braille documents as well as textile diagrams at an affordable price.


Tel: +267 3904945



Please read and understand the procedure of obtaining a white cane from BABPS. Only a Cane user that meets all our requirements will be offered a free white cane.

What is a white cane?

A white cane is an internationally legally Recognized [WHITE] mobility cane used by the blind and visually impaired people for the following primary reasons:

  • For identification purpose - so people can recognize that the user is blind. Especially drivers.
  • For independent travelling
  • To detect obstacles and objects in the path of a user

Who qualifies for a free white cane from BABPS.

Any person from Botswana who is totally blind or with a low vision that cannot aid at detecting objects and obstacles when walking qualifies for a white cane.

Please click on the below link to request a white cane.

Click here to request a white cane

BABPS encourages all  cane users to have first gone through an Orientation and Mobility techniques Training provided by a qualified O and M   specialist before obtaining the cane. BABPS sometimes offers mobility techniques training if there is funding and this will be communicated to any who wishes to attend the training.   BABPS has the right to confiscate and refuse a member the white cane if the member lacks the O and M skills required. BABPS also takes no responsibility for any matter that can occur due to the cane users carelessness and improper use of the white cane provided.